Welcome to the HUBB.

The super platform for meaningful digital services.

What is Hubb?

Hubb is a super app platform envisioned to provide relevant digital services at the most fair and reasonable ecosystem for consumers, merchants, and service operators.

What services are currently available in Hubb?

Hubb officially offered it services on March 2022. It's initial set of services include:

  • Real-Time Online Bus reservation via the proven iWantSeats platform.
  • Crickethop express delivery. Initially offered in the Province of Bataan.
  • FoodCricket ordering and delivery. Initially offered in the Province of Bataan

How is FoodCricket different from existing food delivery apps?

The vision of FoodCricket is to:

  • To provide consumers with an reasonable alternative. The prices in FoodCricket is the same as the store prices of our Kitchen Partners. We do not take commissions from our Kitchen Partners.
  • To provide merchants with an alternative for which they can grow their business not only in their locality, but also in other areas.

How to become a Merchant?

To sign up as a Merchant, simply sign up in the App and register your merchant account. Our support team will assist you activating your account and building up your Hubb Store.

  • Hubb does not ask for commissions from merchants. The price of the item in your store is the same price that will be listed in your Hubb Store.
  • Hubb does not hold your money. We fully understand your need to revolve your funds. Hence, we issue payouts right after the order has been pickeup from your store.
  • Prepaid orders via GCash are also supported.

For Bus tickets, what routes are available for online reservation?

Hubb bus routes are synchronized with iWantSeats. Currently, the routes served are:

  • Manila - Baguio
  • Manila - Baler
  • Manila - Laoag
  • Manila - Tuguegarao
  • Manila - San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

Reserve your bus tickets via Hubb-iWantSeats

iWantSeats is your trusted bus ticket booking and reservation platform. The platform started in 2014 and has since provided convenient online bus reservation access to passengers.

iWantSeats has a proven track record of providing convenient, real-time bus reservation services in the Philippines. This proven convenience provided by iWantSeats is now also available in The Hubb App platform.

Pay via GCash and get fast confirmation.

North Luzon Destions

  • Manila to Baguio
  • Manila to Baler
  • Manila to Laoag
  • Manila to Tuguegarao

Southern Destions

  • San Jose, Occidental Mindoro


Our Cricket delivery offers the most fair and reasonable fees. Our FoodCricket and Crickethop service started in the province of Bataan. We are now working to expand to other areas.

FoodCricket prices are the same as the store prices of our Kitchen Partners. We do not ask commissions.